Material Used and Benefits

The Door Panel

In Bestmas, we highly endorse safe & eco-friendly material to be used in our products. E0 grade Decorative Melamine Faced Chipboard is a new type of safe & eco-friendly Decorative Melamine Faced Chipboard that is produced by using Ultra-Low Formaldehyde content (E0) and this standard was met to the World Health Organisation (WHO) guideline where formaldehyde levels should not exceed 0.1mg/m3, and only E0 grade wood panels board are meet this requirement.


1. Durability

Melamine is resistant to many of the common issues presented in a cabinet, whether it be excessive moisture, heat or stains and can stand heavy usage.

•    The reason why melamine can resist these external elements is due to its tough outer coating.

•    This coating is also easy to clean.



2. A Wide Variety

Since melamine is a synthetic material, it can be produced with an almost endless number of finishes. You can select from faux wood grains in various shades or solid colours and it look as good as natural wood.

•    A variety of choices offered to help you find the perfect match for your wardrobe and kitchen’s style.



3. A Uniform Finish

Unlike solid wood that can vary in grain patterns and colour, melamine offers a consistent finish since it is manufactured in a controlled setting.



4. Cost Efficient

Melamine cabinets are more cost efficient compared to solid wood cabinets.

•    These savings help to lessen the cost of your new installations or renovations.