Glamorold A06 Dining Table

  • Product Code: DT-703
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
  • RM 2,500.00
  • RM 1,800.00

The inspiration of combining steel and glass material, together with gold and light color scheme, we introduce Glamorold series which bring to you our furniture which can meet your Hollywood Glam theme of interior.

The exquisite quartz stone top finish, complete with rivet details, complement your kitchen collection. Solid firm steel table legs with a touch of gold give your open concept space a comfortable dining area.

External Dimensions : H750mm X L1800mm X W900mm

Material Used : Quartz Stone & Spray Paint Steel (Matte)


To ensure our customers experience the products with fine quality standard, 2 weeks pre-order are required. Contact us for more color options.